They're here!

Not trying to sound like a kid or anything, but my mommy and daddy are here!!!!!!!

My parents flew in from NY yesterday, it was so nice to see them. Wife and I got to go eat lunch with them while the kids were still in school, and then we brought the kids home. It's always nice to have the parents around, and to think I have them here for 2 weeks is pretty cool!

We are planning a surprise trip for the kids, don't know where yet, but anywhere we go will be fun. I will definitely keep y'all posted, in the meantime I am going to go hug my mommy!

I am a Winner of the #CanYouTopThis Contest!

Did you see my post about the #canyoutopthis contest?
Here's the link if you didn't. click here

I won!!!

Dealusional chose me as one of the winners. go look at her blog
and now I have this cool badge/button thing to put on my blog, I'm movin up!

My portable Christmas tree #canyoutopthis

I found this contest through Elmer's for a chance to win a $100 giftcard.

I made a Christmas tree for our office. I am in the Military and sometimes we are not allowed to do certain things in our office, so I thought this was the perfect way to show a tree. I can fold it up and put it away when I am not allowed to have it.

All I used was the elmer's tri fold board, and elmer's glue dots; I used green poster paper and paints.
This is my finished project
sorry for the fast and short post, I am trying to catch the deadline, I read that it's tonight at midnight, it's 10:30pm in Los Angeles so hopefully that counts. This would help with Christmas shopping you know?

This is my entry to the Elmer's #canyoutopthis project.

the countdown has begun!!!

Not for Christmas!!!

My parents are coming from NY for 2 weeks!!!!

They get here on Monday, and though my wife knows, we are letting it be a surprise for the kids. We are going to let my Parents pick up the kids from school that day.

I get to see my parents y'all!

Thanksgiving was about so much this year

Were you happy in your house?
Did you have a great meal?
Did you have a great time with Family?
with friends?

I'm glad, glad that you have those blessings. My Family focused on the ones that didn't. On all the deployed and separated Military members who couldn't be with their Families during the Holidays. I have been fortunate enough to miss only a few, but I know that many of my fellow military have missed so many more.

Thanks to my Military families for being strong and for keeping those of us at home safe.

Family and the Holidays...

I am from NY, and living in California during winter is not cool to me. Winter is about snow and blankets. These last few weeks it has been around the 70's here.

It makes me sad, my entire Family is in the East Coast. Snow is in the east coast. We were able to go to NY 2 years ago during Christmas, it was great to see my Family again. We were there during a 3 day blizzard and it was so much fun. It had been the first time my kids had been in the snow, they just loved it.

Next week my parents are coming out here to visit us for 2 weeks, I'm glad, but still sad that it's not us going there. I miss having real winters!

Family fun with Legoland Ca...

Being that California can't make up it's mind on the weather, there is always time to go and have fun in the sun throughout the year.

This summer my Family and I had a great time visiting Legoland Ca. One of my favorite days there was the day we got to see the 4D Clutch Powers movie.

It was so much fun. I caught site of my 4y.o reaching for the falling snow, and hearing him giggle throughout the entire movie was just as much fun as the movie.

So if you live in California, or are visiting, make sure you drop by Legoland, not only will your kids thank you, but so will your inner child...
mine did!

Thank you to Legoland, Ca for the invitation for our Family, we had a blast!!

As a Dad: I give it 2 thumbs up!
As a Military Service member, I give their Military discount: 2 thumbs up!

Gotta love my family

So just got back from NYC and man was it hot. I forgot all about that stuff called humidity. Nothing like taking a shower just to feel wet after drying
It was great even though I didn't get the chance to hang or see any of my friends at least I got to see the fam. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away so I had to do the whole wake and funeral thing but these are things that are apart of life. Why is it that it takes a death to bring family together. I really love and enjoy my family. Every year the whole fam gets together at my aunts for X-mas and Thanksgiving is alternated every year. I don't understand how families don't get along. I couldn't do that. Somewhere we need to get back to that. Family is the most important thing we have. Now I know some of us have some family members we wished never showed up but no matter what there are other family members that need the bond of a family. So I just want to encourage all to do your best to stay in contact with those who you know will have your back and be true family

Another blow to HIPHOP music!!!!!!!

All I can say is WHAT DA HELL.......!!!!!!!! I don't know what's going on with music these days. I love Hip Hop. I was born and raised in the very same streets and hoods it originated from. See many people hear the word HIPHOP and only see rap music but there is so much more to it. Breakin, Graph, DJ's man it's a community. So when I see things like this it just KILLS ME!!!!!!. It's like one step foreward and two steps back. Here is a perfect example. The Jabbawockeez got a show coming up in Vegas at the MGM Grand starting May 7th. This is a great thing for HIPHOP. LXD performed at the Acadamy Awards another great thing for HIPHOP. But then you have what your about to see and it just kills me. Now don't get me wrong it has humor to it but at the same time it's just bad HIPHOP. You be the judge.

Play of the week maybe even month...You tell me.

I have been waiting to see something like this for a long long time. I think it has to be one of the best plays I have ever seen and I watch a lot of sports. Let me know what you think.

What should happen if you cheat......

This dude and the woman he was cheatin with gets beat down by his wife and the rest of the This is how it should be.

Da hell wit AMC Mission Valley

Now I love going to the movies it's something that I really enjoy but the manager at AMC Mission Valley pissed me the hell off. So me and the wife are at the movie chillin watching that new Tyler Perry flick which is a great movie by the way...... Well while we were watching it the theater started shaking. Now I'm not really trippin but da wifey is like "OH HELL NO" and jets out of the So I go up to the manager and explain the situation that my wife was shook up and really doesn't feel comfortable with going back in the movie is there any way we could get a voucher for the movie. This cat gets an attitude with me like I was taking money out of this cats pocket. It wasn't even that serious. I don't know why people act like that. I could have been an ass but it was cool. Service there was not cool either. I ordered a hot dog dressed it all up had it looking all good and what not. Sat down and went to take a bite and it was frozen on the inside. So I went back and let them know what happened and they got me another one and I went through the whole set up again and wouldn't you know it i took a bite and it was frozen in the middle. I was cool about it and just took the nachos. I had all the right to be upset but I just wanted to enjoy my date with my wife and not have any drama. This dude didn't have to be like that. He told us that maybe we shouldn't go to a movie until there are no more earthquakes.... I was like wow should I smack him now. Any way that's it. If any of you go I hope that you have a better experience then I did. Until next time good night, good luck and good reading.


First and fore most want to give a big shout out to The Friarhood. Thanks for having me and the better half out at the Tilted Kilt to watch the Padres game. We had a great time among the fans which brings me to my point and the tittle of this post. So for those of you who don't know I was born and raised in the Bronx. Lived on 162nd and Melrose Ave. Yankee stadium is on 161 St. So you can all guess what letters were on my baseball cap when I walked in the spot. To make matters worse I had on an Eli Manning jersey.....LOL Yo they was loving me......LOL it was cool when i first walked in very nice place right next to the stadium. The ladies well that's a whole other post......LOL (my wife is gonna kill me for that So walked in it was all good then I made my way to the back. Man let me tell you there was some folks that was giving me the evil eye and everything. It's all good though see being from NY I don't have to hate any SD team. I enjoy going to watch the Padres play and I enjoy watching the Chargers play. That will go down a bit being that L.T. won't be there. Again that's another post.... I don't hate on SD it's a very beautiful place but I will never and I mean ever stop reppin my home town. I have been in SD for since 1998 but I love my teams. Well there you go just little something for those of you who read the post's if not you can always look at the pretty pictures.........................oh wait I don't have Until then good luck, good reading and good night.

How long does it take a MAN to become a MAN???

Not to many will agree but it's not like I care so here we go..... I know women all around the world can't wait for that day when there man grows up or learns how to take things seriously or become more responsible but just like there are women who feel that way there are others who wish there man had some humor or wouldn't take things so seriously. Look Here is the deal becoming a man is a life time thing. It has no age or no special date. I will say that you don't start to become a man until you can figure out what's most important in life. Without that info were just lost. Something like the crew of Jersey Now those cats have The Situation c'mon.... are you serious...... WOW. Anyway as a man we need an end game. Something to shoot for if not we look lost and that's not a good look. You can spot the lost man from a mile away. How you say cause he's always looking for that next big thing. There is no foundation. He's never in one place to long. Once a man finds something truly important to him he become in sync with things a lot quicker then the lost one....... Now for you woman just because the man your with isn't acting like the man you want him to be doesn't mean that he's less of a man. It just mean that he's not a You will never know what kind of man he is until you allow him to become the man HE WANTS TO BE. Men are easy please don't complicate us any more because that's when you become frustrated with us and well that's the beginning of the end. With that said good luck, good reading and good night.

Tigger, Tigger, Tigger, Tigger Woods Ya'll

WHAT DA HELL...... I can't believe that people are still going on about this. Now they have these crazy woman that he slept with talking about there times together. WHO DA HELL CARES......
First and formost yes the man cheated on his woman that has nothing to do with me but evey girl he was with knew he was married it wasn't a secret. It's not like this is Tyrone from the block no this is Tigger Woods. The man is worth over $700 Million. We need to just call a dog a dog and gold digger a gold digger. Leave this man alone. I don't care what he does in his home. With his woman/women. Or anything else. He's a golfer let the man golf. People always got something to say about someone. Thousands of pro and collegate athletes sleep with multiple woman I could care less that's between them and there doctors. I don't have to give them that VD shot so that's not my concern. As long as he's hittin 6 under par I can care less about what he did off the course. You would think he went on a killing spree...... I will say this though.... Society needed a label so we now have "The Sex Addict" in the hood he's either known by one or two things a "Pimp" or a "Player". This is another fine example that "PIMPIN AINT EASY" With that said good luck, Good reading and good night.

Saggy skinny jeans and Timbs(boots)

WHAT DA HELL......... Ok so you got these kids and many grown a$$ men wearing skinny jeans. Now I can't say that's a bad thing i mean everyone has their own style but what da hell is the point in wearing skinny jeans and saggin them mid thigh. On top of that you have the nerve to have a belt on.....And to make matters worse you wear a size 12 shoe so now you look like Ronald Mcdonald !!!!!!!!!!!! Pants on da ground pants on da what........ WOW make up your mind either you want to have baggy jeans or you want people to see the skid mark in your dingy boxers.....PULL YO DAMN PANTS UP. And if you are all of 100 pounds soaking wet you don't need to be wearing a 3x white T. Really your not growing into it any time soon..... The sad thing is people think this is cool. It's not. Well correction..... chicken heads love the look. And why wouldn't they their a hot mess anyway. You know who you are. If you have lime green and hot pink nails and not one outfit to match CHICKEN HEAD PICK IT UP...............DING. So true so true..... With that said Good luck good reading and good night.

Sprint must be crazy at Best Buy

Ok so my phone to a small dive but didn't really get wet. My case did but the phone for the most part was dry. Good thing I got that 2 year warranty at BB. So I go and take my phone to the Geek Squad and the take it in and tell me to see the phone cats to get a loaner phone. So I roll on over and I show them my paper work and let them know what I need and with a smirk the guy says that they don't carry sprint so they don't have loaner phones but the ones that do you will have to leave a $150 deposit to get one. So at that moment I'm like WHAT DA HELL.......... My phone costs more then $150 so why do I need to leave a deposit when BB has my phone in the first place. Not only that I was screwed from the jump because they didn't have anything for sprint. Now I love sprint but this is something that they need to change for real. How you gonna discriminate on Sprint. So sad so It's cool Sprint I got your back.......With that said good luck good reading and good night.

The Purpose of a blog REAL TALK

So for those of you who got all caught up in the blog politics in my own opinion here is what a blog should be for. REAL TALK. When I say real talk I mean just that. I'm so tiered these sugar coating, gray area smile in your face folks out here and in the blog world. If you created a blog just to see how much free stuff you can get be big enough to say so. But also have the dignity to be original. Don't just bite off of a smaller blog and try to pass there words off as your own. And if your gonna use someones words at least give them some credit and shout out or something. If you have a blog and your to damn lazy to right your own ORIGINAL POST so you have to copy someones' then you don't need to have a blog. I can't fully fault your readers unless they know what your doing. With so much going on in the world and in our lives I'm sure that we all can find our own words and not the next man's/woman's. I know I can and I'm no rocket I have a great beautiful yet crazy wife and 6 that's right 6 crazy kids I will always have something to write about. With that said good luck, good reading, good night.

The Princess and the Frog

So I was talking with the wifey the other day and she was telling that she was looking on Twitter and reading some of the tweets that some people were leaving about the movie and she was bothered by what some were saying. One comment stuck out the most and it was that the movie was to dark. WHAT DA HELL............................ was the fist thing out of my mouth. I didn't really know how to take that. I remember when the movie first came out my oldest daughter was so happy that there was finally a Disney Princess that was her color. Now I'm far from surprised because no matter what year is on our calenders ignorance has no expiration date. This is a Disney movie people. Obama lives in the White House and Tiana is a princess get over it. With that said good luck, good reading good night.

The Pourpose of Me

In life i believe we all should have goals in what ever we do. My goal with this is to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Rhonda help help me

My bad But on the real I'm not here to win a popularity contest. For those who follow great but I for warn you there will be no sugar coating here so if your sensitive this is not for you. I don't expect many of you to agree with what I say or how I say it and that's cool.

I'm far from perfect and I'm perfectly fine with that so feel free to let me know what you think. Don't hold back cause I won't.
With that said good luck, good reading and goodbye.