Gotta love my family

So just got back from NYC and man was it hot. I forgot all about that stuff called humidity. Nothing like taking a shower just to feel wet after drying
It was great even though I didn't get the chance to hang or see any of my friends at least I got to see the fam. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away so I had to do the whole wake and funeral thing but these are things that are apart of life. Why is it that it takes a death to bring family together. I really love and enjoy my family. Every year the whole fam gets together at my aunts for X-mas and Thanksgiving is alternated every year. I don't understand how families don't get along. I couldn't do that. Somewhere we need to get back to that. Family is the most important thing we have. Now I know some of us have some family members we wished never showed up but no matter what there are other family members that need the bond of a family. So I just want to encourage all to do your best to stay in contact with those who you know will have your back and be true family