Another blow to HIPHOP music!!!!!!!

All I can say is WHAT DA HELL.......!!!!!!!! I don't know what's going on with music these days. I love Hip Hop. I was born and raised in the very same streets and hoods it originated from. See many people hear the word HIPHOP and only see rap music but there is so much more to it. Breakin, Graph, DJ's man it's a community. So when I see things like this it just KILLS ME!!!!!!. It's like one step foreward and two steps back. Here is a perfect example. The Jabbawockeez got a show coming up in Vegas at the MGM Grand starting May 7th. This is a great thing for HIPHOP. LXD performed at the Acadamy Awards another great thing for HIPHOP. But then you have what your about to see and it just kills me. Now don't get me wrong it has humor to it but at the same time it's just bad HIPHOP. You be the judge.

Play of the week maybe even month...You tell me.

I have been waiting to see something like this for a long long time. I think it has to be one of the best plays I have ever seen and I watch a lot of sports. Let me know what you think.

What should happen if you cheat......

This dude and the woman he was cheatin with gets beat down by his wife and the rest of the This is how it should be.

Da hell wit AMC Mission Valley

Now I love going to the movies it's something that I really enjoy but the manager at AMC Mission Valley pissed me the hell off. So me and the wife are at the movie chillin watching that new Tyler Perry flick which is a great movie by the way...... Well while we were watching it the theater started shaking. Now I'm not really trippin but da wifey is like "OH HELL NO" and jets out of the So I go up to the manager and explain the situation that my wife was shook up and really doesn't feel comfortable with going back in the movie is there any way we could get a voucher for the movie. This cat gets an attitude with me like I was taking money out of this cats pocket. It wasn't even that serious. I don't know why people act like that. I could have been an ass but it was cool. Service there was not cool either. I ordered a hot dog dressed it all up had it looking all good and what not. Sat down and went to take a bite and it was frozen on the inside. So I went back and let them know what happened and they got me another one and I went through the whole set up again and wouldn't you know it i took a bite and it was frozen in the middle. I was cool about it and just took the nachos. I had all the right to be upset but I just wanted to enjoy my date with my wife and not have any drama. This dude didn't have to be like that. He told us that maybe we shouldn't go to a movie until there are no more earthquakes.... I was like wow should I smack him now. Any way that's it. If any of you go I hope that you have a better experience then I did. Until next time good night, good luck and good reading.


First and fore most want to give a big shout out to The Friarhood. Thanks for having me and the better half out at the Tilted Kilt to watch the Padres game. We had a great time among the fans which brings me to my point and the tittle of this post. So for those of you who don't know I was born and raised in the Bronx. Lived on 162nd and Melrose Ave. Yankee stadium is on 161 St. So you can all guess what letters were on my baseball cap when I walked in the spot. To make matters worse I had on an Eli Manning jersey.....LOL Yo they was loving me......LOL it was cool when i first walked in very nice place right next to the stadium. The ladies well that's a whole other post......LOL (my wife is gonna kill me for that So walked in it was all good then I made my way to the back. Man let me tell you there was some folks that was giving me the evil eye and everything. It's all good though see being from NY I don't have to hate any SD team. I enjoy going to watch the Padres play and I enjoy watching the Chargers play. That will go down a bit being that L.T. won't be there. Again that's another post.... I don't hate on SD it's a very beautiful place but I will never and I mean ever stop reppin my home town. I have been in SD for since 1998 but I love my teams. Well there you go just little something for those of you who read the post's if not you can always look at the pretty pictures.........................oh wait I don't have Until then good luck, good reading and good night.

How long does it take a MAN to become a MAN???

Not to many will agree but it's not like I care so here we go..... I know women all around the world can't wait for that day when there man grows up or learns how to take things seriously or become more responsible but just like there are women who feel that way there are others who wish there man had some humor or wouldn't take things so seriously. Look Here is the deal becoming a man is a life time thing. It has no age or no special date. I will say that you don't start to become a man until you can figure out what's most important in life. Without that info were just lost. Something like the crew of Jersey Now those cats have The Situation c'mon.... are you serious...... WOW. Anyway as a man we need an end game. Something to shoot for if not we look lost and that's not a good look. You can spot the lost man from a mile away. How you say cause he's always looking for that next big thing. There is no foundation. He's never in one place to long. Once a man finds something truly important to him he become in sync with things a lot quicker then the lost one....... Now for you woman just because the man your with isn't acting like the man you want him to be doesn't mean that he's less of a man. It just mean that he's not a You will never know what kind of man he is until you allow him to become the man HE WANTS TO BE. Men are easy please don't complicate us any more because that's when you become frustrated with us and well that's the beginning of the end. With that said good luck, good reading and good night.