Family fun with Legoland Ca...

Being that California can't make up it's mind on the weather, there is always time to go and have fun in the sun throughout the year.

This summer my Family and I had a great time visiting Legoland Ca. One of my favorite days there was the day we got to see the 4D Clutch Powers movie.

It was so much fun. I caught site of my 4y.o reaching for the falling snow, and hearing him giggle throughout the entire movie was just as much fun as the movie.

So if you live in California, or are visiting, make sure you drop by Legoland, not only will your kids thank you, but so will your inner child...
mine did!

Thank you to Legoland, Ca for the invitation for our Family, we had a blast!!

As a Dad: I give it 2 thumbs up!
As a Military Service member, I give their Military discount: 2 thumbs up!

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