My portable Christmas tree #canyoutopthis

I found this contest through Elmer's for a chance to win a $100 giftcard.

I made a Christmas tree for our office. I am in the Military and sometimes we are not allowed to do certain things in our office, so I thought this was the perfect way to show a tree. I can fold it up and put it away when I am not allowed to have it.

All I used was the elmer's tri fold board, and elmer's glue dots; I used green poster paper and paints.
This is my finished project
sorry for the fast and short post, I am trying to catch the deadline, I read that it's tonight at midnight, it's 10:30pm in Los Angeles so hopefully that counts. This would help with Christmas shopping you know?

This is my entry to the Elmer's #canyoutopthis project.


  1. This is awesome! Nope, you're not too late; we're choosing winners this morning!:)

  2. Nice job - great way to spread holiday cheer!

  3. you did a great job, what a great idea!!!
    This is perfect for any office! Did you file for a patent? lol

  4. What a cute idea! this is perfect for anyone who has a small space.