Da hell wit AMC Mission Valley

Now I love going to the movies it's something that I really enjoy but the manager at AMC Mission Valley pissed me the hell off. So me and the wife are at the movie chillin watching that new Tyler Perry flick which is a great movie by the way...... Well while we were watching it the theater started shaking. Now I'm not really trippin but da wifey is like "OH HELL NO" and jets out of the movie....lol. So I go up to the manager and explain the situation that my wife was shook up and really doesn't feel comfortable with going back in the movie is there any way we could get a voucher for the movie. This cat gets an attitude with me like I was taking money out of this cats pocket. It wasn't even that serious. I don't know why people act like that. I could have been an ass but it was cool. Service there was not cool either. I ordered a hot dog dressed it all up had it looking all good and what not. Sat down and went to take a bite and it was frozen on the inside. So I went back and let them know what happened and they got me another one and I went through the whole set up again and wouldn't you know it i took a bite and it was frozen in the middle. I was cool about it and just took the nachos. I had all the right to be upset but I just wanted to enjoy my date with my wife and not have any drama. This dude didn't have to be like that. He told us that maybe we shouldn't go to a movie until there are no more earthquakes.... I was like wow should I smack him now. Any way that's it. If any of you go I hope that you have a better experience then I did. Until next time good night, good luck and good reading.



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  3. The fact that people still argue with their customers is completely baffling to me. I would have made a report to the ceo of AMC and got your money back at least.

    I did that with domino's when the manager on the phone got snotty with me. Let's just say they refunded my pizza's times 3. lol

    You've been tagged, now you're it!