First and fore most want to give a big shout out to The Friarhood. Thanks for having me and the better half out at the Tilted Kilt to watch the Padres game. We had a great time among the fans which brings me to my point and the tittle of this post. So for those of you who don't know I was born and raised in the Bronx. Lived on 162nd and Melrose Ave. Yankee stadium is on 161 St. So you can all guess what letters were on my baseball cap when I walked in the spot. To make matters worse I had on an Eli Manning jersey.....LOL Yo they was loving me......LOL it was cool when i first walked in very nice place right next to the stadium. The ladies well that's a whole other post......LOL (my wife is gonna kill me for that one......lol) So walked in it was all good then I made my way to the back. Man let me tell you there was some folks that was giving me the evil eye and everything. It's all good though see being from NY I don't have to hate any SD team. I enjoy going to watch the Padres play and I enjoy watching the Chargers play. That will go down a bit being that L.T. won't be there. Again that's another post.... I don't hate on SD it's a very beautiful place but I will never and I mean ever stop reppin my home town. I have been in SD for since 1998 but I love my teams. Well there you go just little something for those of you who read the post's if not you can always look at the pretty pictures.........................oh wait I don't have any........lol. Until then good luck, good reading and good night.


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    I love baseball! It is the one sport I get! It doesnt matter who is playing or what level, I just love it! We take the kids to the local college games which are really cheap and great to watch.