Another blow to HIPHOP music!!!!!!!

All I can say is WHAT DA HELL.......!!!!!!!! I don't know what's going on with music these days. I love Hip Hop. I was born and raised in the very same streets and hoods it originated from. See many people hear the word HIPHOP and only see rap music but there is so much more to it. Breakin, Graph, DJ's man it's a community. So when I see things like this it just KILLS ME!!!!!!. It's like one step foreward and two steps back. Here is a perfect example. The Jabbawockeez got a show coming up in Vegas at the MGM Grand starting May 7th. This is a great thing for HIPHOP. LXD performed at the Acadamy Awards another great thing for HIPHOP. But then you have what your about to see and it just kills me. Now don't get me wrong it has humor to it but at the same time it's just bad HIPHOP. You be the judge.


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  2. Uh oh, something's the matter with your video bcause there's nothing posted there to judge? But I'm with you because I love Hiphop too. Anyway I'm here from Friday Follow and I'm a new follower of yours now. I hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too?!
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    Not sure I can comment about the Hip Hop thing, but I'm sorry you are bummed.

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  4. Seriously?!?!?
    omg, what the heck was that? Cause i KNOW it wasn't Hip Hop!!!!!!

    I'm not expert, don't get me wrong, but really?!?!?

    As many of us have known for a while now, any fool with a camera and youtube access can be all over the net,
    Sorry for this kind of trash putting a mark on what Hip Hop really is.

    Love that you are so passionate about what you write, keep it up!!!
    Proud of you!

    take off your captcha!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. i thought it was funny. but there's always something like this and its not step back just a totally different direction.
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