The Purpose of a blog REAL TALK

So for those of you who got all caught up in the blog politics in my own opinion here is what a blog should be for. REAL TALK. When I say real talk I mean just that. I'm so tiered these sugar coating, gray area smile in your face folks out here and in the blog world. If you created a blog just to see how much free stuff you can get be big enough to say so. But also have the dignity to be original. Don't just bite off of a smaller blog and try to pass there words off as your own. And if your gonna use someones words at least give them some credit and shout out or something. If you have a blog and your to damn lazy to right your own ORIGINAL POST so you have to copy someones' then you don't need to have a blog. I can't fully fault your readers unless they know what your doing. With so much going on in the world and in our lives I'm sure that we all can find our own words and not the next man's/woman's. I know I can and I'm no rocket I have a great beautiful yet crazy wife and 6 that's right 6 crazy kids I will always have something to write about. With that said good luck, good reading, good night.


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