Tigger, Tigger, Tigger, Tigger Woods Ya'll

WHAT DA HELL...... I can't believe that people are still going on about this. Now they have these crazy woman that he slept with talking about there times together. WHO DA HELL CARES......
First and formost yes the man cheated on his woman that has nothing to do with me but evey girl he was with knew he was married it wasn't a secret. It's not like this is Tyrone from the block no this is Tigger Woods. The man is worth over $700 Million. We need to just call a dog a dog and gold digger a gold digger. Leave this man alone. I don't care what he does in his home. With his woman/women. Or anything else. He's a golfer let the man golf. People always got something to say about someone. Thousands of pro and collegate athletes sleep with multiple woman I could care less that's between them and there doctors. I don't have to give them that VD shot so that's not my concern. As long as he's hittin 6 under par I can care less about what he did off the course. You would think he went on a killing spree...... I will say this though.... Society needed a label so we now have "The Sex Addict" in the hood he's either known by one or two things a "Pimp" or a "Player". This is another fine example that "PIMPIN AINT EASY"......lol. With that said good luck, Good reading and good night.


  1. hmm, don't know what to say about that one.
    MANY women feel for the wife, and have a natural born agner/resentment towards ANY man who cheats, though you are right, he is a golfer and should be more famous for that, than for cheating, but bad publicity sells more than good publicity, so there u have it....

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  3. I'm sick of hear about it too..that AND Sandra Bulock... hahaha Honestly it's ime to let this goooo... New follow from Friday follow. Hope to see you Come By... Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.. (=r

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  5. I could not agree with you more- and it is rather odd that Daily has been forgin and exhaulted for his addiction- but Tiger is thrown under the bus. I don't know- I really don't give a ratts ass anymore wither- I hope he plays well this Sunday! Happy Friday Follow- stop by my place when you can!