Sprint must be crazy at Best Buy

Ok so my phone to a small dive but didn't really get wet. My case did but the phone for the most part was dry. Good thing I got that 2 year warranty at BB. So I go and take my phone to the Geek Squad and the take it in and tell me to see the phone cats to get a loaner phone. So I roll on over and I show them my paper work and let them know what I need and with a smirk the guy says that they don't carry sprint so they don't have loaner phones but the ones that do you will have to leave a $150 deposit to get one. So at that moment I'm like WHAT DA HELL.......... My phone costs more then $150 so why do I need to leave a deposit when BB has my phone in the first place. Not only that I was screwed from the jump because they didn't have anything for sprint. Now I love sprint but this is something that they need to change for real. How you gonna discriminate on Sprint. So sad so sad......lol. It's cool Sprint I got your back.......With that said good luck good reading and good night.


  1. Now wait... You bought the phone at BB, but they don't do Sprint? Seems a bit crazy since you had Sprint when you bought it, right?

    But more importantly, how did your phone get wet? Or is that not suitable for print? LOL.